Shane Hoskins – Sales Manager for Kenworth of South Florida

Mike Visser – CEO of Aeroz America, recently had a conversation with Shane Hoskins, Sales Manager for Kenworth Of South Florida, located in Fort Pierce, to find out how they are the #1 performing dealership throughout the USA for Aeroz America aerodynamic products.  Here’s part of our conversation:

Mike – Why did you decide to start including aerodynamics as part of your standard package on many of your medium duty box trucks?
Shane – We are always looking for ways to increase productivity, efficiency, add value and save our customers money. The FuelScoop product line checks all these boxes.
Mike – What are the benefits you and the dealership have derived from this decision?
Shane – We have set ourselves apart by offering a product that is turnkey, on the ground, easily installed with financial benefits that are easily monetized and demonstrated to customers.
 Mike – Do you find your medium duty box truck customers have any awareness of available aerodynamic saving options?
Shane – Not until we show them. Fortunately, the product and benefits are easy for us to explain and for them to comprehend.

Mike – Do customers ask you about fuel saving options and if so, how do you best educate them on their available options?
Shane – Yes, many do ask about fuel conservation. When they see the product in our showroom and preinstalled on trucks, it validates the benefits and additionally differentiates us from other dealers.  And of course, it’s much easier to physically demonstrate than referring to a flyer or catalog.
Mike – Do your sales team use the AerozCalc app to demonstrate their ROI; TCO and RCF?
Shane – Not enough, because it is a great sales tool especially when used in conjunction with  our on-hand product.
Mike – Is there anything else you think is really significant about the products?
Shane – In addition to the fuel saving benefits, customers love how much straighter their trucks track down the highway when the FuelScoop is added, improved handling, performance and safety.
Mike – Shane, at Aeroz America, we appreciate your forward thinking; your support of our product line; your commitment to differentiation and always striving to add more value for your customers and through these efforts, your positive impact on our environment through greenhouse gas reduction.
Thank you.