To improve stability and fuel economy, fit your truck body or trailer with a Nosecone, a high quality truck accessory known to improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle.


NoseCone was introduced into Australia nearly 4 decades ago, by Cy Ryman and his son Chris, who together developed the product type to be number one for brand recognition throughout Australia. 

While ‘copy-cat’ products have over the decades entered the market, none have matched the quality and range of sizes as supplied by the Ryman family. While other companies tend to only offer the popular sizes, only NoseCone provides overall market support.

On a trailer, or truck body, a cone type aerodynamic device is prominent and as such, NoseCone is the brand of choice for all premium Australian truck body manufacturers.

It is no surprise that over 40,000 NoseCones have been sold in Australia, as in addition to the proven benefits experienced by clients, the Ryman family supplied a product consistent in its premium quality with service to match.

In 2013, it became obvious that to incorporate NoseCone body mounted cone into the broader range of aerodynamic products offered by Aeroz-Products made good business sense.

This prompted two business decisions:

  1. Aerotrans Australia, also a high quality manufacturer of fiberglass products, purchased NoseCone from Ryman Composites to include within its Aeroz-Products business
  2. Ryman Composites established “Aeroz-Products NSW” as a key business within the growing Aeroz-Products network.

NoseCone is now a fundamental component of Aeroz-Products, and by means of this integration NoseCone now offers additional sizes and designs (Fuelcone), giving even more choice to those that need more than just a “bubble on the front wall.”

Aeroz-Products have the largest size range of high quality body/trailer mounted aerodynamic products, and with over 40,000 sold in Australia, NoseCone has a proven record and reputation for its performance.



















NoseCone, when fitted to your truck body and/or trailer, improves smoothness and stability.

NoseCone is the simplest, most effective truck body or trailer aerodynamic device, offering maintenance free fuel saving and aerodynamic performance for the life of the vehicle.

  • The original NoseCone wind deflector was introduced into Australia in 1980 and has been manufactured and supplied to truck owners and fleets ever since.
  • An extensive R&D program has continued to improve the designs, fit, finish and manufacturing methods of  NoseCone deflectors.
  • Aeroz-Products have a wide range suitable for small box trailers to jumbo trailers and road-train cattle crates.
  • NoseCone really works, with 10% fuel saving being the main benefit, plus easier towing, improved stability, reduced spray, reduced carbon emissions, less stress on driver, engine and drive train.
  • With over 40,000 units on the road in Australia, NoseCone remains the original and best.  By constantly refining the product, updating designs and manufacturing technology, and investing in research and development, NoseCone remains number one.
  • Simple, maintenance free device is one of the best investments you can make for your truck, trailer, caravan or box trailer.
  • In house design and mould manufacturing facilities provide the flexibility and quality to meet the demands of the industry.
  • The extensive range of NoseCone combine with the full aerodynamic systems within the Aeroz-Products range. Nowhere will you find such a complete range of aerodynamic designs to guarantee fuel savings (with associated carbon reduction benefits), performance improvements and vehicle safety





We have agents all over Australia who can assist with measure, quote and fitting if required and with over 20 Preferred Dealers around Australia we are sure you can find the right NoseCone for your new or existing truck.

Some of our Preferred Dealers carry the more popular sizes in stock but with over 40 models it is good to know they can get the right one in store fast as we keep all models in stock for Next Day Shipping.

Contact us or send in a Quote Request and note where you want it fitted. We can check the size, confirm the model and advise the nearest Dealer or Body Builder.

If you feel that you have the ability and facilities to fit it your self, the fitting instructions are set out below. If you have any questions please give us a call. We are only too happy to assist with delivery, fitting, performance or warranty questions by phone.

Fitting Instructions for NoseCone®

Note: Every Truck is different in one way or another. These are generic instructions. Providing adequate fixings are used and care is taken to trim the NoseCone correctly, these instructions should be used as a guide only.


These fitting instructions apply to all NoseCone types, however there are differences in fitting to various types especially curtainsided bodies.

Our Face Fix range including NC 17.4, NC 15 4, NC 12.4, NC 11.4, NC 10.4, NC 8.4, NC 5.4 and ‘M’ Range are designed for Universal Fit to the front of any body, and are especially suited to curtain sided bodies as they fit without interfering with curtain roll mechanism.

Our Wrap Around range fit in a very similar manner however they are designed to fit a specific body width. Fixings are into the side wall or corner profile but other than this the method is the same. Some additional trimming of the top and possibly bottom corners to accommodate cast profile corners, header rails ate may be required. Please email a photo of your specific fitting question and we will answer with more detail from our experience.

N.B. Differences exist In the fitting of the NC type .4 and M series on curtain-siders and additional notes are given for this type of fitting.


1. Where truck has vertical exhaust, before lifting onto body, lay NoseCone on ground in front of truck, check to ensure correct orientation. (it is surprisingly easy to cut exhaust hole in the wrong side of the NoseCone).

2. Mark centre line on NoseCone and centre line on van body. Reference all measurements for position of exhaust hole to these centre marks. Measure and check all dimensions to centre of pipe.

3. Cut hole for exhaust to allow min 25mm clearance in NoseCone with appropriately sized HoleSaw or use I00mm angle grinder or jigsaw (carbide grit blade to minimise gelcoat chipping).

4. Although many exhaust stacks disconnect to allow fitting, it Is much easier and more accurate to determine position of holes before installation, than afterwards. After cutting holes, the exhaust may be removed to facilitate installation lift etc. and refitted through NoseCone from above.
Proceed as above with normal fitting however NoseCone may have to be fed onto exhaust from above so if pipe cannot be removed and has large or tight top rake, check there is sufficient clearance in holes to allow fitting. 


5. Some installed lights may permit NoseCone to be trimmed out to fit around light without removal. This is preferable and should be done if possible however trim out should be neat and all corners of trim out rounded to prevent cracking.

6. If lights are to be repositioned on NoseCone, drill wiring hole and mount clearance light baseplate to NoseCone in recess provided. Extend existing wire if required and install earth wire if not available. Ensure sufficient wire to allow reach to NoseCone during installation. Excess can be cut off later.
Position the NoseCone on the front wall with flange on top of roof and side flanges square and flush with body. Centre NoseCone by checking for square and equal fit of side flanges.

7. Mark any trim areas on NoseCone where required for exact fit. It is usually best to return NoseCone to ground and using diamond saw, hacksaw, sabresaw or angle grinder remove the required sections.

8. Re-install NoseCone on body, feed clearance light wiring through to lights, checking NoseCone touches front wall uniformly all round flange. Uneven stresses are created if unit does not fit easily.

9. We no longer use rivets on top flange. With the development of better quality adhesive / sealants such as Sika 11FC and EverBuild Stixall we advise only to glue the top flange. With advances in adhesive / sealant technology it is possible and preferable to use these products to glue the NoseCone roof flange in place. This removes the possibility of leaks through roof and minimises vibrations and stresses. Either just before final positioning of NoseCone or after feeding light wires, place continuous generous bead or 5 large pads of a quality adhesive / sealant onto the roof surface. We use and recommend Sika 11FC and EverBuild Stixall. The roof surface and the inside flange of the NoseCone should be locally cleaned before installation. Once in place with the adhesive installed, tape or weight the top flange for a time appropriate to theAdhesive Use instructions according to each manufacturer.

10. If rivets are going to be used on top flange: measure under top flange to determine position of leading edge of roof and mark on NoseCone. Position rivets to fix through external flange ONLY on roof.

Fitting instructions image 1 Fitting instructions image 2

11. Again – only IF rivets are used on roof, and especially on roof – for best waterproofing a generous bead of sealer should be placed very accurately along the rivet line. Alternatively – and neater – is to generously pump sealer into each rivet hole prior to insertion of rivet. Fixing is generally through an external flange however, sealer should be applied to rivets or into holes where any risk of leak is possible.

12. Drill and install first rivet at centre mark. Then drill holes at equal spacings either side of mark and install rivets without pulling up until all holes are drilled. Check NoseCone is square and flat before progressively pulling rivets from centre to side.

13. Bottom flange or at least  the bottom corners should be fixed next, ensuring flages are flush with body evenly all round to maintain balanced fixing. Especially for NC**.1 Series, fix bottom flange, where possible fix centre first and work out to sides.

14. Finally rivet side flanges. For curtainsiders, fixing is generally through an external flange however, sealer should be applied to rivet stem or into holes if any risk of leak is anticipated. (Early trailers and bodies with excessive flex caused stress fractures of NoseCone when side flanges were fully fixed. Later model bodies have resolved this issue. If body has excessive flex, minimise fixings in side flange.)

15. Seal heads of all rivets to further ensure water seal where required.

16. Connect wiring to lights and test.



Even when a truck is fitted with a cab mounted Full Aerodynamic Kit there is often considerable space between the rear of the truck and the front wall of the trailer, especially at the top. By fitting a NoseCone, airflow will be deflected above the trailer front facia, thereby assisting performance, stability and reducing fuel consumption.

Additionally, when there are a variety of trucks combined with a specific trailer, a NoseCone ensures that some aerodynamic improvement is available, even if towed by an older truck without cab mounted aerodynamics.

Generally the Semi-Trailer NoseCone variants are either 2100mm or 2400mm wide, with 2500mm for vans, Stock Crates, etc.  Most commonly used Semi-Trailer NoseCone variants used would be 2700mm, 2400mm, 1650mm and 1450mm high. The best design and sizes can be chosen from variety of partial or full-frontal products within the NoseCone range (including FuelCone and FuelConeSlim) – [refer to Catalogue & Dimensions].

Specific performance varies depending on application, dimensions and type of NoseCone chosen, but through nearly 40years experience, 8-12% reduction in fuel usage is likely, if the driving style and conditions are the same as prior to installation.


Rigid Truck Fitting Measure & Quote

Truck aerodynamics for rigid trucks is gradually developing, from truck body mounted products to those mounted onto truck cabs. Fuelscoop is the cab-mounted aerodynamic solution for most rigid trucks. Nevertheless, the use of NoseCone is also increasing, due to a number of valid reasons.

For many years NoseCone has been the number one name associated with rigid truck aerodynamics, and this brand recognition remains high. Further to this, NoseCone is a less expensive first step aerodynamic choice which makes it the logical choice for older trucks, trucks needing to travel less than 15,000 kilometres per annum, and inner suburban and/or city trucks that have occasional runs out of town.

Further to this, the increasing awareness of aerodynamics as the best means by which fuel usage can be reduced, has led quite often to a NoseCone being used in combination with a cab mounted Fuelscoop.  Usually this is when the height of the body is in excess of around 100mm above the top of the Fuelscoop.  By linking the two, the airflow from the Fuelscoop will be further guided upwards by the top curve of the NoseCone.

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NoseCone® is easy to install and fits to the structual frame on the front of a caravan. 

Even when the front of the caravan is angled, NoseCone® still provides improvements in performance, stability and safety.

Contact Us  for NoseCone quote for your Caravan or box trailer.


Getting a quote for your NoseCone is quick and easy! Sure, you can look up the catalogue if you know the NoseCone model that you need. Otherwise, let us do the work and recommend the best NoseCone for you.

You can print a PDF form and fax or email it to us at

You will need to collect some measurements and other information to complete your quote form.

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SAVE fuel by adding a NoseCone to your truck

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The estimated fuel savings in this web-site are specific to product type, based on many years of customer feedback. Many factors influence fuel savings; should you like a performance estimate more specific to your application, please call 1300-4-AEROZ or 03 9753 4555.

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