A customer knows he wants something to separate his cabin area from “the back” of his van.    

Recently Aeroz-Products received a call from a customer who wanted a van divider.  He carried metal bollards in the back of his van.  After the installation of our Aeroz-Products divider, we inquired to get his feedback –  good or bad and here is what he said:
“Absolutely amazing couldn’t be happier it blocked out all the sound and made the air con work heaps better  and the team of installers were awesome and professional very happy”

The customer wanted a Van Divider but didn’t realize how well our dividers work.

Now that there is a smaller area to cool – the driver and his passengers get the full effects of the Air Con.

Aeroz-Products Dividers are are moulded to fit the van contours.  They are also carpeted on the cabin side so the noise reduction is fantastic!